Quanum Nova Storm32 Gimbal Firefly 6s at Nuggen Head

So I went out for a walk to Nuggen Head with the intention of launching the Quanum Nova from the same spot as I launched  last week. However, when I arrived there was a fisherman who would have been in the footage had I filmed the same area.I decided to walk further around the  head and discovered this nice little ledge on a rock platform. 

So I filmed this with QNP + HakRc Storm32 based 3 axis gimbal and firefly 6 s at 1080 60fps. There are some artifacts and jello in spots…but I like the location…will return there in the new year.

I think the firefly struggles with a wide color range….it seems that whenever there is dark (rocks) and light (ocean) i get some artifacts and weird shimmering almost jello effect….but not on the ocean…maybe it is mild vibration or the sensor . Will try with yi cam when it comes

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