Bali Ubud Villa

What is the first thing you think of when you think of Bali? For a lot of people it is thoughts of beaches and nightclubs, partying and drinking for days on end.

However, in the beautiful mountains further toward the center of the Island of Bali there is the magical town of Ubud.

Many repeat visitors rent villas for weeks, months and even yeats at a time to experience the relaxed and layed back lifestyle of Ubud.

Most villas are simple little affairs with basic amenities, which serve as a perfect bast to explore the town of Ubud and beyond.

Usually, not too far away you can find a traditional market where you can get all the ingredients you need to cook up a storm in your villas kitchen.

The bathroom is privare but semi open air and because of the perfect climate, extremely comfortable and convenient, attached behind the bedroom of the villa.

At the front of the villa was a small setting for reading or enjoying a coffee while relaxing and taking in the serene environment.

The villa we stayed in was surrounded by rice fields which really gives an appreciation of the traditional layed back lifestyle of Bali.

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